Awaken Her Pleasure

8 aphrodisiacs…one very intimate massage oil that heightens pleasure & eases discomfort. Fragrant & enlivening, Awaken is a feast for the senses.

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What They’re Saying

I'm grinning ear to ear just talking about it. I can't tell you the appreciation I have for everyone at Foria. Honestly these are very special products.

Gretchen, California

I'm loving Get Centered! When I get to work I place a dropper full under my tongue and instantly feel a calming effect come over me. A coworker who was exceptionally stressed tried some and he loved it!


Get Centered brings you back to a natural state of calm and sometimes in life you need a boost of calm. Tasted great in ginger tea. Tried it before meditation and was able to get deeper.


It's delicious. Awaken has a quick onset. Every usual sensation I get with regular orgasms seemed amplified.


With Awaken, everything felt incredible...I felt each sensation and touch was intensified, and I was more relaxed than I have been in a long time...Wow! 10/10.


Foria Pleasure was the first product I fell in love with and it really was the only thing that worked to relieve my pain...

Ashley, California

I went from being curled up in bed, to feeling well enough to go sightseeing and out to dinner. Foria Relief totally saved my vacation!

Bri, Texas

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