• Can the First Ever Lube Containing Medical Marijuana Get Your Vagina High? (

Can the First Ever Lube Containing Medical Marijuana Get Your Vagina High? (

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We've been mixing weed with other products for centuries: cannabis can be found in paper, your fifth grade camp necklace, and "special" brownies. Now, thanks to the efforts of a team of social entrepreneurs, weed is about to be in your lube. Today, founder Mathew Gerson is introducing a pleasure enhancement product that is as timeless as it is innovative —FORIA personal lubricant, specifically designed for women. Women who like marijuana, that is.

That's because the active compound in the oil is THC and other cannabinoids. The cannabis-based medical marijuana is blended with MCT oil or liquid coconut oil for a product that is viscus, slippery, toy-safe, and completely vagina-safe (if you were wondering: coconut oil can help fight off yeast infections). 

Gerson, a life-long fan of using coconut oil as personal lube, says the product works specifically for women because of the very sensitive and absorbent membrane of the vagina and entire vulva — inner and outer labia and clitoris included. "Introducing medicines, and compounds, and different drugs through the vagina is something that both modern doctors and doctors throughout history have done," Gerson explains to Nerve. "So the breakthrough in regards to introducing medical marijuana in that capacity is that the modern extraction techniques that allow for there to be a very, very distilled and very pure oil form of marijuana make it easier to create an oil that can be introduced to the female body through the vagina. What our results and testing has shown is that there's quite a broad spectrum of responses that happen." Gerson was hesitant to share with us what some of these effects definitively are, and that's partially because currently there is no standardization of medical marijuana dosing, and no literature or FDA studies on taking such a product through the vagina.


Women in preliminary testing of FORIA experienced different results depending on a number of factors, including if they had recently had a meal, their mood, their energy level, and where they were in their menstrual cycle. But in broad strokes, Gerson claims that some of the attributes women have been reporting en masse are heightened sensation, warmth, tingling, or a sense of swelling or engorgement after using the weed-infused lube. Other women were turned on and hyper aware of the tightness of their genitals, which lead to a greater sexual pleasure. All of these effects were localized to the genitals, however. "For most women, relaxation is a key attribute in the experience of pleasure and arousal. We live in the time and era where we have a lot of residual stresses coursing through our bodies because of modern technology and the pace we're all living. The body is sort of new to this pace. The body's been around a lot longer than our iPhones have," Gerson explains.

That de-stressing characteristic is what makes the idea of medical marijuana-infused personal lube so compelling: "women report a sense of embodiment, a sense of dropping into a more full relationship to sexual sensations, and sensations around the body. As you can imagine, as that builds up to orgasm, if orgasm is a part of your experience, then that can lead to intensification and a more full body experience," Gerson notes. That stands in line with a lot of what little we know about marijuana's interaction with sexuality. According to William Novak's High Culture: Marijuana in the Lives of Americans, pot can account for increased heart rate, changes in respiration, changes in blood flow, and THC releases pleasure-inducing neurochemicals like dopamine and anandamide. 

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