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Have you been looking for a sensual, natural product to use in the bedroom? One that actually works?

 Foria Awaken is handcrafted from organic whole plant extracts blending aphrodisiacs and cannabinoids to create the perfect addition to your nightstand. This topical liquid spray is edible, vegan, and gluten-free. Use it alone or with a partner, just not with a latex condom.  What’s the juicy, best part about this product? Keep reading.

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  • 30 ML for $40
  • 4 or more sprays per serving size
  • California collective members can purchase THC products
  • Not compatible with latex condoms
  • Non-toxic
  • Blend of Whole Plant Extracts of Kava Kava, Hemp, Cinnamon, Ginger, and terpenes

What are your feelings on the ingredients?

Foria combines eight natural ingredients  — cacao, kava, vanilla, coconut, hemp, mint, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. Together, this blend can either increase arousal and heighten sensation or it can reduce physical tension and discomfort creating an elevated sexual experience. The Awaken product contains no THC but includes CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes to create a whole new category of sexual lubricants. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, so for women and men who may experience pain from sex or tension in these areas of their body, Foria may offer a new level of relief not previously found on the market. The synergy of the eight botanical aphrodisiacs along with the kava, cacao, and hemp based cannabinoids create the activated experiences that Foria markets — enhanced sensation, deeper orgasm, increased desire, improved lubricant, heightened awareness, and full body relaxation. Kava Kava is a healing herb used throughout the South Pacific for millennia for its intimacy enhancing properties. Kava is known for creating a relaxing state of bliss that aids in unwinding physical tension and social anxiety. Overall, Foria’s use of whole plant and organic ingredients create a trusted product that does what it says it does. Foria even shared their testing results with us to further prove this point. Take a look below.

Foria Testing Results

Where does this stand in relation to the market for this kind of product in general?

Foria stands in a unique category of sensual products. Foria is marketed as wellness product for women that “opens the door to natural, euphoric pleasure.” Foria promotes relaxation and blood flow by working with your body’s natural systems to create a therapeutic aphrodisiac effect. Foria uses hemp in addition to natural plant extracts in the Awaken product. By adding CBD, Foria is adding something that may be of interest to customers who experience tension or discomfort during sexual activity. This product can be used alone or with a partner but is not compatible with latex condoms. Therefore, it stands in its own category between a sexual experience enhancement product and lube, under certain conditions. Many traditional lubricants use silicone, so having an all-natural plant based option, also intended for solo use, is a welcome alternative.


What is your feeling on the usefulness?

Foria Awaken is incredibly useful in most sexual situations, expect for those that call for a latex condom. The product is light and smells pleasant so using it is actually an enjoyable experience. It comes in a spray bottle and the dominating smell is a soft mint – similar to the smell of mint chocolate chip ice cream. So what is the best, juicy part about this product? The spray application. This makes it very easy and clean to use. No more soaking heavy silicone based lubricants on your sheets or staining your clothes. The spray feels wonderful as it’s being applied and the controlled application ensures that the product goes exactly where you want it to. A little bit goes a long way creating the best bang for your buck. It’s edible and it tastes natural making it easy to ingest in whatever quantity you desire.

If you were describing it to a friend how would you explain it and give it relevance?

This product is relevant because it’s about time that a women’s sexual product was made with women’s tastes in mind. This all-natural, organic, easy to use and easy to apply product appeals directly to many women today and enhances the bedroom experience for women whether they are by themselves or with a partner. The addition of hemp creates an added benefit for the many who may experience discomfort during sexual activity. This product is marketed as an aphrodisiac as well and it is. It’s not just a lubricant — it does both well. Reasonably priced, all-natural, and true to the marketing claims, Foria Awaken is an addition to the bedroom that I recommend.

Foria Awaken Review


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  • Jon Brandon