• The Elemental Qualities of Awaken
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The Elemental Qualities of Awaken

Pleasure Punch

 Featuring eight ancient aphrodisiacs for an all natural experience.

Inspiration for Awaken started with an eternal muse. The endlessly fascinating and mystifying female. Did you know there are 26 FDA-approved drugs on the market for sexual dysfunction, but zero are for women?

We sought out Mother Nature’s most Action Packed Aphrodisiacs to create an all natural pleasure tool, designed for women, that creates a euphoric sensation of sensual synergy.

  •  The Kava Craze. In addition to creating a sensation of euphoria (meaning longer and stronger orgasms) Kava has been used for centuries to help loosen inhibitions. The trend is currently picking up steam out of the bedroom as well - Kava bars are the newest way to get a fix. Even Forbes is in on the fascination. 
  • Sexual Healing. Cinnamon is an ancient treasure with medicinal qualities as well as the power to arouse. It may interest you to know that cinnamon is anti-viral, loaded with anti-oxidants, and provides the body with manganese (surprisingly vital to sexual health). Plus, it has the power to generate some serious heat.
  • Aromatic Arousal. Ginger has a long history of improving circulation and performance. It has a reputation for helping blood flow to ALL areas of the body. With a history that dates back to 500 B.C., it even has a mention in the ultimate sex bible Kama Sutra. Ginger is a bonafide aid for intimate encounters.
  • Minty Fresh. Calming and invigorating at the same time, the aroma of Mint is one way to peak her interest. The scent of mint stimulates and awakens the mind, an essential tool in all amorous encounters. It also simultaneously cools and heats the skin when topically applied, and can be used for soothing pain.
  • Enhance & Ease. Increasing your sensitivity and extending your pleasure, Hemp has been used for centuries in the practice of Tantric sex. It is known to prolong the moment of climax. It is also frequently used for its medicinal properties, soothing pain and producing profound feelings of relaxation.
  • Luxe Stimulant. One of the most expensive spices in the world, Cardamom contains many qualities we have come to look for and love. Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and it bears an uncanny resemblance to Ginger with its power to awaken physical prowess.
  • Chocolate Lover. Causing chemical reaction that releases a blissful boost, Cacao is a sure fire way to flood your body with dopamine. Dopamine controls the pleasure center of your brain, and besides that, who doesn’t love chocolate in any form?
  • “Nectar of the Gods”. Tantalizing and arousing, Vanilla is famous for its seductive power. The Aztecs and Mayans were users and fans of this potent and exotic delicacy, and so are we…
  • Coco Nuts. Not an aphrodisiac, but we are totally nutty over the incredible powers of Coconut Oil. Too many reasons to list here. But check out the mystical abilities here. (link to 1st Blog Post)

Awaken is totally loaded with tempting goodies that are also good for you, because we believe that ladies should always (always) come first.

  • Jon Brandon
  • 100% NaturalCardamom AphrodisiacsCinnamonCocoaCoconut OilForia AwakenGingerHempKavaMintNature's AphrodisiacsVanilla