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"OMG! This is the best product I have ever purchased! My husband loves it, I love it, I am about to buy 6 more!"

~Sara Melborn

"I never review products. Never. Ever. Ever. This one deserves to be the exception to the rule: amazing! I don’t know how you came up with the formula. All I can say is, it works. Congratulations."


"I have to tell you my wife and I were somewhat skeptical when reading about your product but I have to say we are completely satisfied. The Foria gets my wife to climax so fast we almost don't have time to enjoy ourselves. We will definitely be keeping this beside the bed for years to come."

~Jason Preslar

"I have used my Foria Awaken about 3 times since I have received it. Twice with a partner and once alone. It definitely works. The smell is so lovely. The packaging is simple and elegant. I love how the bottle comes with an extra spray nozzle, and I love how the spray nozzle will still fit in the box. I have not ran out yet, but I’m jumping on the opportunity for a discount for my next bottle, because I know I will buy again, for sure."


"I was skeptical at first. But I’m a believer and SO is too! I don’t really have issueswith arousal or lubrication, but this stuff intensifies everything. I will be purchasingagain and hopefully get to a state that sells Pleasure so I can try that too."


"I was really delighted with this product but not just for its erotic use - as someone who has had long term difficulties with poor focus and attention and a kind of diffuse dreaminess I found that I felt alert and had the kind of mental clarity that I only usually have after too much caffeine only with a relaxed quality- colours are richer, sounds and smells intensified, I feel much more present and alive in the moment. The effect lasts several hours and has helped me more thanI can say. Anxiety has gone low mood has gone and pain with sex has also gone.Thank you so much! "


"My wife and I had the pleasure of trying this product as soon as it arrived last week. We both thought it lived up to our expectations and then some. It is not only an enhancement for her but I too experienced increased pleasure using it and as an added bonus it is also flavorful. She has gone through menopause andas a result the natural lubrication is no longer there always and this stuff not only provides that but it is a true delight to experience. The only regret we have is that living in Ohio we cannot purchase the THC infused product. Thank you."


"The product was absolutely insatiable and most satisfying with and without a partner. I reached high climax and had a magnanimous ejaculation! I’ve recommended the product to friends without reservation. I want the other productso desperately just because I can’t imagine any further euphoria, but want the experience!"

~Zenia Burnett

"Last night was quite extraordinary. The first time we had used Foria Awaken. Within two minutes she was in the place that it normally takes her 15 minutes to get to. Within five minutes she was demanding the vibrator to finish with, which she is normally too shy to use or even mention. I have never seen her so turned on, so quickly."


"Your product was referred by a friend. I was doubtful but gave it a shot! Wow! It’sfantastic! It’s stimulating to both men and women. It increases pleasure and intimacy. I’ve purchased bottles for 5 friends who all love it! Great product. Thanks."


"Bought it for my wife. She's in her late 50's and well seemed to be drying up. Tried it and wow! She could not believe what happen. Best thing I've ever done for her and she thanked me endlessly. Thank you Foria. You've woken a sleepingbeauty and can't wait to try it again soon."


"Two words - THANK YOU!!!! This product is unbelievable!"


"Hands down to Foria yet again! I'm a HUGE fan of Foria Pleasure, so I was really excited to try out awaken. I also have endometriosis, ovarian hemorrhagic cysts, and uterine tumors so sex is usually uncomfortable and painful, but both Foria Pleasure & Foria Awaken have given me much relief and replaced my pain with deliciously addicting pleasure!"


"First off, My boyfriend and I love the smell of Awaken, it's smells fresh and delicious, you can really smell the cocoa, vanilla and mint, which reminded me of chocolate mint desserts. Awaken also "feels" AMAZING too, I don't usually like the "feel" of lube which often feels too sticky/oily/and unnatural, but the feel of Awaken is absolutely PERFECT. The texture feels soft and natural and has the perfect slippery-smooth balance. As for the product itself, it's absolutely magical, the name speaks for itself, I felt all my senses awaken, I felt alive and and I felt seduced by overwhelming pleasure. I started off feeling so relaxed and this warmtingly sensation started building up. I felt so turned on, I was definitely wetter, andall sensations heightened, everything felt so much more intense. It also felt like I was noticeably tighter, and my boyfriend definitely noticed this as well, he was moaning its "crazy tight" and was so turned on how sensitive and wet I was. Foria products are complete game changers, and are a must for the bedroom! Thanks for making yet again an amazing product ! I look forward to your next creations."


"Absolutely love Awaken. Smells amazing, starts warming right away, and a little goes a long way. This stuff is magical and the packaging is so beautiful! I will forever have some on my night table and in my bag of cosmetic essentials."


"I love the intoxicating the blend of the vanilla and cocoa. Within seconds of applying it to my sensual regions, it started to warm up, increasing circulation andsensitivity. I enjoyed an overall more relaxed, blissful feeling and found applying more added to the effect. I love the subtle, yet powerful effect this adds to my pleasure experience."


"Love! Super smooth and not sticky! It also smells great! Gives you a nice cool tingle sensation. Im normally irritated by tingle sensations but this is a game changer! Its a keeper!!!"


"I am never going back to any other lubricant. So comfortable and feels much better than all the silicone or water based lubricants I've tried. Not a miracle product for me, didn't give me 11/10 overwhelming new sensations or anything but still excellent. Some people don't like the mint chocolate smell but I think it smells really good (and so does my partner). Will be repurchasing and also excited to try new products from this brand :)"


"Foria Awaken is unbelievable. My man is a truck driver, so when he is home this product becomes a must have. Our love making was terrific before, but using Foria Awaken has taken it to an all time higher level. The difference was very measurable, if you know what I mean. We were both sexual heightened to all time new level. He is really impressed what this product does to us, and for us. I could do a whole seminar on this wonderful product. I told him I needed to store this product in the safe so it doesn't turn up missing. I am definitely ordering buy 2 get one free today. I highly recommend this even if you don't THINK you would need it. It is truly a miracle spray. Lighten up, loosen up, and ENJOY!"

~Gerry McClure

"This is the second bottle I have purchased for my wife. She absolutely loves this. The orgasms are longer and deeper with this. Recently we ran out of Foria and were not able to reorder based on where we live (Indiana). I purchased a fewother products by different companies and my wife was having none of it. She made me order it and send it to a friend's house who lives in Illinois. I can gladly say our sex life is back on track. The mistake I made is I only ordered one bottle. This is a must every time we have a bedroom adventure, or an adventure somewhere else!"


"It was so wonderful. I am already a highly sensitive person during sex but the Foria sent me over the edge. I honestly felt like I couldn't stop orgasming. Or I was having one continuous one! Either way it was phenomenal for both my partner and myself. 11/10 will recommend to all my friends."


"Tried Foria Awaken with my partner not really knowing what to expect. Oooh my.We both felt more aroused and our sensations were definitely heightened. Awaken is the perfect name for it. Everything they say it does, it did for us. We loved it and cannot wait to try the Pleasure."


"Within about 10 minutes or so, I could feel a difference. It seemed to increase blood flow to the area, and things started to tingle. It definitely helps get me in themood, and I was very pleased with this. I will definitely continue to use it. I only take one star away because I'm not too crazy about the smell- it smells like chocolate mint, which is kind of strange, but not a deal breaker. But the taste is good- it tastes "herbal". This definitely works, ladies. Try it- you won't be disappointed."


"I have been experiencing traumatic endometriosis symptoms and I've tried several lubricants in efforts to be able to enjoy myself and my partner and get through the pain. Foria is magic! It is the first lubricant to completely mute my pain during sex, foreplay, everything. Not to mention it tastes the best! Thank you, Foria. This lubricant has given me hope again."


"I suffer from endometriosis and MS, so in the rare chance my partner and I engage in anything- it can be pretty painful for me. But since using this it's actually made it enjoyable for me again, as well as increased my libido. I also really love the smell of it, I'm not even a chocolate fan but the minty chocolate smell is pretty divine."

~Imara Larkin

"When I first opened Awaken, the sweet fragrances of cinnamon, cardamom, andvanilla made me feel feminine and relaxed. When I put on the smooth oil, my lady parts felt an immediate warm and light sensation that helped to put me “in the mood.” The best part? The moments leading up to the orgasm!! The final bliss is like standing under a warm waterfall. This product definitely brought my sex to the next level, especially because it can be painful sometimes."

~Gretchen Decker

"Awaken gave me the ability to finally relax my pelvic floor enough to enjoy penetration, and have the most intimate moments with my partner. I adore all the Foria products!"

~Summer Hernandez

"I bought this for the love of my life.. and she had a few questions.. but the try lastweekend.. was VERY pleasurable and was very pleasurable on my end also... she was very relaxed and she reported a tingle that hasn't been there in a long time. Thanks for a great product and will for sure be ordering more."

~M Demet

"Your product was referred by a friend. I was doubtful but gave it a shot! Wow! It’sfantastic! It’s stimulating to both men and women. It increases pleasure and intimacy. I’ve purchased bottles for 5 friends who all love it! Great product. Thanks."

~Kathleen Treubig

"Love this product so much, I gave a bottle to my best friend. I'm in my mid fifties,and need lube anyway, but wow!! This is by far the best I've ever tried. Smells amazing, does the job and even is good for my lover, too. Five stars. Try this, you'll be so glad you did."


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"It definitely increased my libido and I love the sensation it gives me... super tingly and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is jealous about that. LOVE Awaken!!! Thanks Foria."


"I love this product so much, I purchased it as a package deal with a rose quartz crystal wand and it has truly been a divine experience. I really like the ingredientsand the wonderful aroma as well! As a Women’s Health nurse practitioner I have also talked about Foria with colleagues and clients. I am a huge fan of your product/brand. Thank you!"


"Just recently bought and tried Awaken! Love love love it!!!! I use by myself and wmy hubby and he loves it also!!! I can’t wait to try the THC infused one."